Back To Classic is an example level in Geometry Dash User and it uses the classic 1.0 style of the original geometry dash. The first 10 seconds of the song is cut off.

0:10 the level starts at normal speed with a cube followed by simple jumps

0:15 the level starts to get more difficult, but still a cube.

0:37 the level goes into the first ship part in the level, and the level gets easier.

0:48 the level goes back into the cube and it is the same difficulty as the ship part.

0:55 the level gets harder again, but still a cube.

1:00 the level goes into the second ship part in the level which is harder than the first.

1:22 the level goes back into a very easy cube segment until the level is over.

1:34 the level ends.

the level is 1:24.