Be Gone Mr. Gawne is the first level of Geometry Run and the first easy level as of Update 1.1.

This level and Maze of Mayonnaise are commonly as one of the easiest levels.

Level Number: 1

Update Created: Original Level

Difficulty: Easy

Normal Mode: (Be Gone Mr. Gawne!) Icon 03

Star Rating: 1

Practice Mode: (Be Gawne Mr. Gone) Color 07 (Primary)

Composer: Bossfight

Description Edit

Be Gone Mr. Gawne is most likely a tutorial in the first sequence. It starts with a basic cube sequence introducing spikes. It then teaches the player about holding some consecutive jumps and when to stop holding. It then introduce the ship mode and teaches the player how to control it. The next cube sequence is slightly harder than the first sequence. It introduces some double and triple spikes which required practice and timing.

Secret Coin Locations Edit

  • The first secret coin is in the first ship sequence and in the first obstacle. Fly up and straight to a hole in the obstacle to obtain the secret coin.
  • The second secret coin is located at after the ship sequence. After a descending stairway made of blocks. Don't jump so you can travel to three slim platforms. Be weary to jump on two gaps to collect the secret coin and reach a jump pad.
  • The last secret coin is the last ship sequence and in the second obstacle. Fly through the center block to obtain the secret coin. It can also give 2.1 seconds to react.

Trivia Edit

  • Along with The Maze of Mayonnaise, this level has no manipulation portals
  • This level is the only level that introduces 2 forms, the ship and the cube.
  • Be Gone Mr. Gawne actually have more triple spikes than the first 3 levels, and more double spikes than The Maze of Mayonnaise.
  • It takes 1:38 to finish the level.