Geometry Dash Shadow is a game in the geometry dash series by RobTop Games.


Level Difficulty Stars Composer Special
Xenogenesis Easy 1 TheFatRat Introduces cube and ship, first level.
He's A Pirate Normal 2 F-777 Introduces ball and portals (that are before 2.3).
Skystrike Hard 3 Hinkik Introduces UFO, orbs and pads.
Final Battle Harder 4 Waterflame Introduces wave and robot.
Immunity Harder 4 Dex Arson Introduces flip portal.

Update LogEdit

1.0: Added game.

1.1: Added Final Battle, wave and robot, etc.

1.2: Added the ability to create a level but has a max, and added the ability to double jump, Added Immunity, bug fixes, added flip portal.



Name Release Unlocked
Vault of Kind 1.1 Having 10 stars
Treasure Room 1.1 Get 5 demon keys
The Master's Chamber 1.1 Buy the chamber key (at scratch's shop)

Secret LevelsEdit

Level Difficulty Composer Unlocked
Glorious Morning 2 Normal Waterflame Unlocked Vault of kind and write glorious morning 2.


  1. This game is based on update 2.3 (fanmade).
  2. After update 1.2, the game can let you create a level unlike any other expansions, but there is a limit: maximum 20.
  3. Immunity, the 5th level, is the first level to have long vocals in the geometry dash series.