Geometry Dash User is a level editor app, that takes you deeper into the original Geometry Dash's level editor. Also, they'll be no map packs or featured levels. Although, they'll be a scoreboard like the original game, with creators, top levels, and user. The new thing is that other players can edit your level that you posted online a bit and there will still be the original level.

Secret Coins Edit

A thing that is different about Geometry Dash User is the secret coins. You'll be able to put the normal circle with star in the middle like in the robtop levels, not the smaller custom ones and you'll be able to change the color of the secret coins for decoration.

Scaling Edit

In scale mode, you can make blocks much more bigger and much more smaller. This is good to make pixel art a lot smaller, so you can have for example 1-up mushrooms as a background.

Stars & DifficultyEdit

Stars will have a max limit of 15. The max limit so far of the stars of the robtop levels in the original game. In future updates it is said that it might be changed. You can chose your difficulty, but other players might vote on another difficulty rating, changing it completely.


The dragons in this game act differently, you can change its animation. Or, you can make them walk on blocks with animated movement. You can make it spew fire more easily. Or you can make it spew fire any time you want.


You know a form has like a ceiling. Well, you can move the ceiling instead of putting more form to just change the ceiling. It looks ugly. You can be able to modify forms or make your own. The wave is probably the easiest one to go for at modifying.

Example Levels Edit

There are three example levels with three different styles. Classic style (1.0 stuff), Electric Style (1.9 and 2.0 stuff), and Story Style (2.0).


Back To Classic (Song: Classical by Rukkus), Electro Adventure (Song: Space Battle by F-777), and Legends Of Geometry (Song: The Beginning Of Time by Dj-Nate)

The purpose of these levels is to give you an idea of what you can do in the game. No other example levels to be added has been announced. There is also no reward for completing them. As well as example levels there is also example pictures.

More Stuff Coming Soon...


  • The game used to be called 'Geometry Dash 2'. But was later changed.
  • In one of the example pictures showed 'Geometrical Dominator' it was at the speed change as well as going into the second robot portal at around 0:37 seconds into the level.