The 3rd installment of the geometry dash series. 12 soundtracks are in the game. When the last update comes. There will be at least 30 levels.

Levels Edit

There are 12 current soundtracks in the game. Completing Levels will reward the stars, while 3 secret coins are hidden in each level, like in Geometry Dash.

Level Difficulty Stars
Be Gone Mr. Gawne Easy 1
The Maze of Mayonnaise Easy 2
Horizon Medium 3
Unity Hard 4
Ultimate Destruction Hard 5
Windfall Hard 6
Elemelons Harder 7
All Stars Harder 8
The Beginning of Time Harder 9
The End of Time Insane 10
Moonstone Insane 11
Alternative Reality Insane 12

Update Log Edit

The following table contains the official update information provided by the iOS App Store, only omitting secondary information (such as support notices). Select an update to read more about it.

Update Version Date Released Description
1.0 September 9, 2015 -
1.1 September 29, 2015
 New Level "Moonstone"
 New Level "Alternative Reality"
 New Achievements, and Unlockable Character, and Color
 Bug Fixes, Tweaks, and Improvements
 New DLC's "Back On Track, Dry Out, and Base After Base"

DLC Edit

There are only 3 DLC's as in Update 1.1

Level Difficulty Stars Cost
Back On Track Easy 2 $0.99
Dry Out Normal 4 $0.99
Base After Base Hard 5 $0.99