Horizon is the third level of Geometry Run. This the first and only level to be rated "Normal" as of Update 1.1.

Level Number: 3

Update Created: Original Level

Difficulty: Normal

Normal Mode Achievement: Horizon! (Cube 08)

Star: 3

Practice Mode Achievement: Boundary (Color 12 Primary)

Description Edit

Horizon begins to extend the degree of jumping challenges by introducing the yellow jump ring. There are also more complex block patterns with combinations of jumping and sliding.

The level starts off with a cube sequence which immediately introduces yellow jump rings. This sequence gets progressively harder further into the level. A short while into the level, the background turns purple, and the jumps become more difficult. This level also introduces trick yellow jump rings, increasing the precision with which the player must tap. After the first cube sequence, the level enters a somewhat lengthy ship sequence. This is significantly more difficult than the ship parts in the previous two levels, because unlike those, it is unpredictable. Previous sequences simply require the player to stay in the middle, or go up and down. However, the sequence in Horizon contains scattered blocks forcing the player to pay close attention to the blocks and rapidly change the ship's position. The level then end with a cube sequence which is slightly more difficult than the first and also contains some overhead spikes to prevent unnecessary jumping.

Secret Coin Locations Edit

  • The first secret coin is from the first downward staircase of three blocks. Jump at the second block that will cause the cube to fall into a blue jump pad that will launch you to a gravity portal that will take you to the main route and the first coin.
  • The second secret coin is from the first ship part towards the end of the ship part. Fly under a block which is where the 2nd secret coin is located and just continue to the main route.
  • The third secret coin is located right at the end, beyond a series of ascending then descending steps leading towards spaced platforms with a spike in between every second one, some distance past the ship sequence. Upon contact with the ground, jump four times and drop down, and you will land on a brief line platform. Immediately jump again, and a gap will reveal an exposed section of the approaching column with a jump pad beside it. Upon contact with the jump pad, the secret coin will be automatically collected. Jump on the up ring to return to the main route. The background is light blue where the coin is located.

Trivia Edit

  • The practice mode achievement is a synonym to the level's name, "Horizon".
  • Completing this level takes 1:30.