This is the Third level in Geometry Dash: Nine Circles Edition And is rated Demon it is also 10 Stars just like Infinite Circles

This level was introduced in update 1.1

It starts with a basic cube section using only French Flag colors and a white background

The screen fades in to a ship section and fades out in the section

This ship section uses the jump orb trick alot

Followed by the ball (no fade effect this time)

This section is a bit tricky lots of platforms and orbs to trick you alot

It then moves into a 4 speed cube section wich is a bit easy and then it fades in and out and starts the wave section

This wave section is very hard and is 4 speed too

Lots of epileptic effect for you

In the wave a Robot section is also present and goes back to the wave

And then it continues with a harder version of the first cube section

And moves into a Mini wave wich is very hard

(Alot of weird spikes are present)

It ends with a cube section thats a bit easy

When u finish the level the Pray For Paris! Achievement appears and u unlock the French Flag Trail

(having it on makes user created levels with the colors of the French Flag at random)

If you get the 3 coins u will unlock the Dark Blue Primary Color