The light is my upcoming level inspired by sersponge and robtop, so far less than 10 seconds of the level has been made, but this is my plan. It will be a series.

Song: The IcePack Rises by Envy

0:00 The levels starts off with a cube going through a geometrical dominator themed start with moving platforms and animated dragons.

0:14 The level then goes into a ship part which is set in the sky, and has the top of fortresses which you have to dodge and the first secret coin is located somewhere in a fortress.

0:29 The level goes into triple speed with a ball and has the same sky themed style and there is a boss battle. You have to dodge light by hiding behind background objects a bit like in Altergame V which is why it is inspired by Sersponge. Each time the level back ground turns from a sky blue colour to a bright yellow colour you have to hide behind a background. The second secret coin is located. When one of the bright lights come on you don't need to hide behind a background because the bright light was just a trick so you can go up top and get the secret coin.

0:44 The boss battle ends and it turns into a UFO part with still the same sky themed style and you have to dodge moving gears that descend and ascend through out the segment.

0:59 It is the same thing but now in a wave form.

1:14 It goes back to the regular starting theme, but now in a very fast robot form. The last secret coin is located here. It is a bit like Viking Arena's second coin, you have to fall down in a secret passage to get the coin.

1:28 The level ends.