The Maze of Mayonnaise is the second level of Geometry Run. It is the second level to be rated easy. It is also recognized as one of the easiest official levels alongside Be Gone Mr. Gawne.

Level Number: 2

Update Created: Original Level

Difficulty: Easy

Normal Mode Achievement: The Maze of Mayonnaise (Cube 7)

Star: 2

Practice Mode Achievement: Extra Cheese Please (Color 08 Primary)

Composer: Bossfight

Description Edit

This level introduced the yellow jump pads in which are both safe and potential hazard. This level has only one ship sequence which is midway through and this level had no triple spikes.

This level starts with a cube sequence and requires more timing and practice than Be Gone Mr. Gawne.

In the middle ship sequence. Instead of flying straight, the player needs to whole longer to avoid the obstacles

The final cube sequence is much harder than the first cube sequence so it would be more challenging for ne players and will need more timing and practice.

Secret Coin Locations Edit

  • The first secret coin is located at the middle ship sequence. Maneuver around the first two obstacles and fly up into a gap in the third to collect the coin inside. Keep flying in the center of the obstacle. Make sure not to fly too high or too low or you can crash while exiting the obstacle.
  • The second secret coin is located at the middle ship sequence again. Fly the first 11 obstacles and then fly straight into the center of the 12th obstacle fly high to avoid the 13th obstacle.
  • The third secret coin is in the final cube sequence where the last chorus plays. Instead of jumping to the plat form with a yellow jump pad, fall straight down where you end up landing in 4 slim platforms, be weary to jump over the gaps or you'll die. You will then go straight to the normal path by sliding to a jump pad.

Trivia Edit

  • Completing this takes 1:14.