Ultimate Destruction is the fifth level of Geometry Run. This level was going to be released in Geometry Jump, but instead it made it up here.

Level Number: 5

Created: Original Level

Difficulty: Hard

Normal Mode: Ultimate Destruction! (Cube10)

Star: 5

Practice Mode: First Creation (Color24 Secondary)

Description Edit

Ultimate Destruction produces increasingly hard jumping patterns and have 2 short anti-gravity sequences (1 anti-gravity sequence when taking the second secret coin path). This level begins with a difficult cube sequence, with jumps that require tighter timing, combined with jump pads and jump rings. The second half of this first cube sequence has high jumps and is trickier to judge. The end of this sequence also has trick yellow jump pads right before the first ship section, which makes it more difficult.

The next sequence is the ship sequence. It is quite likely a short sequence. It is like The Maze of Mayonnaise and Back on Track ship sequence, but instead having a different pattern and requires to fly higher or lower than before.

Next, the cube takes a moment to flip upwards with antigravity, although these 2 sequence is somewhat easier to predict than the one in Dry Out and Unity.

Returning to normal gravity, continue to the main route until you reach the second-second of the part which is like the first cube sequence. Continue on to the ship sequence which is like a combination from the first ship sequence and Base After Base's ship sequence.

Returning to a cube form with a final few jumps leads to the completion of the level.

Secret Coin Locations Edit

  • The first secret coin is located at the first cube sequence. After you jump over the first ring when the background turns red for the first time, you will slide down, and a large flat form will block you. Instead of jumping over, slide down the hole This will make you get the coin, slide down the platform, and return to the normal path.
  • The second secret coin is located at the beginning of the second cube sequence. Jump over the first 3 platforms and instead of jumping through the gravity portal fall right into some pretending thorns be weary to jump over 3 gaps of thorns and collect the secret coin.
  • The third coin is located before the black background and in the yellow-green background. During the second ring, instead of dodging it. Jump on it to obtain the 3rd coin.

Trivia Edit

  • This is the longest level taking about 2:46.
    • It is also the first level to have 2:00 above to complete the level.
  • This have elements from Base After Base.
  • "First Creation", the practice mode achievement is an antonym of "Ultimate Destruction", the level name.