Unity is the fourth level of Geometry Run and the first level to be rated Hard.

Level Number: 4

Created: Original Level

Difficulty: Hard

Normal Mode: Unity! (Cube09)

Star: 4

Practice Mode: United (Colour09 Primary)

Description Edit

Unity introduced the Gravity Portal. This is a new challenge that will appear in levels afterwards. First met in the second third of the first cube sequence. Throughout the level, there are vertical obstructions which prevent unnecessary jumping, requiring more strict movement along with a wider variety of jumping patterns.

The level starts with a cube sequence more difficult than in previous levels, partly because it contains walls meant to prevent extra or late jumps. It requires more precise tapping than before. Then, the antigravity sequence met a little bit into the level challenges new players mostly because the direction of jumping is reversed. However, this gets the player used to antigravity, a skill which they will definitely need for later levels.

The level goes back to a normal gravity cube sequence which is similar to the first, requiring precise jumping. Then, there is a short ship sequence featuring scattered blocks which is of similar difficulty to the one seen in Polargeist. UnlikePolargeist, however, in the second section, it has spikes on the floor and roof, so that it requires slightly more skill.

Then, the level then goes to another short cube sequence similar to the first two.

The level ends then with another ship sequence similar to the first ship sequence.

Secret Coin Locations Edit

  • The first secret coin is located in the anti-gravity sequence. Continue on the auto-sequence until you reach the first obstacle instead of falling and jumping back in the platform. Avoid the spike above you and jump to land safe to the second platform and collect the secret coin
  • The second coin is located at the first ship sequence. Avoid the obstacles in the second part of the first ship sequence and try to collect the coin up above
  • The third secret coin is located at the second ship sequence. Fly under the 5th obstacle and continue safely to the main route.

Trivia Edit

  • This take 1:22 to complete this level.
  • This is not the first level to introduce the gravity portal. It was seen in Horizon, the third level.